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Wageningen is a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world. Especially for our non-Dutch residents we present a selection of the performances that are suitable for English speaking audiences.

Discover our program with a broad variety of theatre, dance, cabaret, music, family shows and more.

So even if you do not understand Dutch: come to the theatre - there is much to enjoy!

Conny Janssen Danst - Dance about About the vulnerability of life, from the first cry to the last sigh
February 1th 20:15 Junushoff

Jacop Ahlbom Company
Ode to slapstick and physical comedy of the silent movie
February 6th 20:15 Junushoff

Dutc singer-songwriter.
February 7th 20:30 Junushoff

Roaring mix of dance and video
February 16th 20:15 Junushoff

The madness of King Donald
Greg Shapiro
Bilingual evening with American comedian
February 20th 20:30 Junushoff

Cello phenomenon
Santiago Cañón-Valencia, Naoko Sonoda
Chamber music
February 25th 20:15 Junushoff

Sixties Musicshow
The Bootleg Sixties
A splashing ode to the sixties with world-famous songs and film images
March 1th 20:15 Junushoff

West of Eden
Swedish folk with a Celtic soul
March 6th 20:15 Junushoff

Pas de Deux
Scapino Ballet & Michiel Borstlap
Fascinating interplay of subdued live piano music and expressive dance
March 8th 20:15 Junushoff

Young talent: Jelmer de Moed & Animato Kwartet
Chamber Music
March 18th 20:15 Junushoff

Das lied von der erde
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
The greatest symphony of Mahler
March 1th 20:15 Junushoff

And before I forget I love you, I love you
Pip Utton
Master actor plays the story of an Alzheimer's patient in a moving and witty way.
March 21th 20:30 Junushoff

Modern Samurai (8+)
Freerunning, breakdance and martial art
March 22th 20:15 Junushoff

Let The Cards Fall
The Breath
Jazz, pop, soul and Irish folk come together on the second album of The Breath 'Let The Cards Fall'.
March 24th 15:30 Junushoff

The Sleeping Beauty
The Royal Moscow Ballet
Fresh adaptation of famous ballet to beautiful music by Tchaikovsky.
March 28th 20:15 Junushoff

Ode to the Spanish Guitar
Eric Vaarzon Morel
Dutch best flamenco guitarist plays and tells about his five favorite guitars.
April 2th 20:30 Junushoff

Piano duo Martijn and Stefan Baak
Chamber Music
A whole orchestra under your fingers
April 8th 20:15 Junushoff

Nachthexen ll: La Parisienne
Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges
A danced ode to strong women in hard times.
April 9th 20:15 Junushoff

Magda Mendes
Magda Mendes sings about the countryside of central Portugal
April 11th 20:15 Junushoff

Smokey Strings
Harry Sacksioni
Best Acoustic Guitarist from the Benelux
April 12th 20:15 Junushoff

Dido & Aeneazz
Calefax en Eric Vloeimans
Eric Vloeimans adds his seductive and agile trumpet sound to Purcell's pulsating baroque opera.
April 16th 20:15 Junushoff

Heroes of music
Musical legacy - David Bowie, The Beatles and many others - interpreted by great musicians
April 20th 20:15 Junushoff

Ballet Black & White
The Dutch Don't Dance - Junior - Division
A world of extremes in a dance performance that rushes past like a train.
April 25th 20:15 Junushoff

In concert
The Delines
They played at Crossing Border festival and End Of the Road where they were called the "unknown hit" of the festival.
April 28th 20:15 Junushoff

Ruins & Remains
Wolfert Brederode, Joost Lijbaart & Matangi Quartet
Concert about the destructive side of man and an ode to his resilience
May 3th 20:15 Junushoff

Vier verhalen en een dag (8-88)
Introdans en Spinvis
Dance performance with live music - for the whole family.
May 11th 19:30 Junushoff

Woodstock: One Night of Peace and Music
Frank Lammers, Strange Brew & gasten
Tribute to Woodstock.
June 6th 20:15 Junushoff


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